Androgynous, Versatile & Gender-Progressive Hair

This is a collection about gender fluidity and versatility, and showing how hair can be cut to accommodate a spectrum of fluctuating gender presentations. It's something that I've been passionate about since I started doing hair, and I've made it a major part of my business behind the chair to bring more accessibility to the queer community by creating hair styles that can be styled masculine, feminine, neither, or anything in-between. This is especially important to me for those in our community who are transgender, non-binary, androgynous, or gender-neutral and struggle to find a barber or stylist with whom the feel comfortable and catered to.

Photography by Haley Abrams
Makeup by Mo Wells

Black is Beautiful:

Afro Textured Hair in the Beauty Industry

Black is Beautiful.

Our aim with this project is to deconstruct the problematic and patronizing depictions of Women of Color in contemporary media by showcasing a group of diverse, beautiful Black Women in a contemporary and culturally empowering context. Each of the nine models featured are wearing their hair natural; styled in modern and artistic adaptations of quintessential protective and traditional Black styles. The makeup pays homage to the multitude of tribal and ritualistic traditions that exemplify African heritage, and the wardrobe selections feature an amalgamation of the shapes, colors, patterns and textures that nod respectfully to the vast and varied cultures of Africa. All nine women featured here proudly express their own unique Blackness, demonstrating as much of a diversity amongst them as they have in common.

Hair: Erik Lindström

Photography: Jonny Edward

RAW Denver

CUSP Feb. 2017

A collection of my work from the RAW Artists Presents: Denver CUSP showcase on February 9th. 2017 at City Hall in Denver. I put together 12 head-to-toe looks on four models throughout the course of the evening, showcasing a particular emphasis on gender-progressive and androgynous looks, dreadlocks, wild and elaborate hair, and shaved design hair tattoos. Click here to see my RAW Artists Profile!

Models: Mo Wells, Stephanie Willis, Emmanuel Gamboa, and Desiree Kindle
Professional photo credits: Sam Nguyen and Steven Pedraza