Androgynous, Versatile & Gender-Progressive Hair

This is a collection about gender fluidity and versatility, and showing how hair can be cut to accommodate a spectrum of fluctuating gender presentations. It's something that I've been passionate about since I started doing hair, and I've made it a major part of my business behind the chair to bring more accessibility to the queer community by creating hair styles that can be styled masculine, feminine, neither, or anything in-between. This is especially important to me for those in our community who are transgender, non-binary, androgynous, or gender-neutral and struggle to find a barber or stylist with whom the feel comfortable and catered to.

Photography by Haley Abrams
Makeup by Mo Wells

RAW Denver

CUSP Feb. 2017

A collection of my work from the RAW Artists Presents: Denver CUSP showcase on February 9th. 2017 at City Hall in Denver. I put together 12 head-to-toe looks on four models throughout the course of the evening, showcasing a particular emphasis on gender-progressive and androgynous looks, dreadlocks, wild and elaborate hair, and shaved design hair tattoos. Click here to see my RAW Artists Profile!

Models: Mo Wells, Stephanie Willis, Emmanuel Gamboa, and Desiree Kindle
Professional photo credits: Sam Nguyen and Steven Pedraza