GENDER*: Androgynous, Versatile and Gender-Progressive Hair

This is a collection about gender fluidity and versatility, and showing how hair can be cut to accommodate a spectrum of fluctuating gender presentations. It's something that I've been passionate about since I started doing hair, and I've made it a major part of my business behind the chair to bring more accessibility to the queer community by creating hair styles that can be styled masculine, feminine, neither, or anything in-between. This is especially important to me for those in our community who are transgender, non-binary, androgynous, or gender-neutral, and struggle to find a barber or stylist with whom they feel comfortable and catered to. In the collection there's a variety of different types of cuts at a variety of different lengths - each styled on both the masculine end and the feminine end of the spectrum - in order to demonstrate the versatility of each cut. Some of the styles are inherently and deliberately androgynous no matter how they're worn, while others are cut for the versatility of wearing it very much one way or the other (or of course, anything in-between!), which is particularly useful for those who are transitioning or are genderfluid. My goal is to bring the fun, relaxing and pampering experience of the hair salon to those in the queer community who often feel marginalized, anxious or unwelcome in that environment, and to demonstrate that our hair is a wardrobe - not a limitation - and can be as versatile and interchangeable as our outfits, enhancing rather than diminishing our daily self-expression.


Photography by Haley

Makeup by Mo Wells |

Hair, Design and Production by Erik Lindström |

Shot on location at The Articulate Photography Studio/Coworking Space