About Erik

Working in multiple art forms throughout his life – from drawing to pottery to music to stand-up comedy – Erik discovered his calling was hair and fashion, and he entered the beauty industry at 25, never looking back. Struggling with his own personal appearance and gender identity most of his life, doing hair has allowed him to combine his love of art, creativity, and personal aesthetics, all while getting to share his passion with his guests. Erik enjoys custom cutting, coloring, styling, shaved designs and dreadlock artistry on people of all genders, and he specializes in transgender, androgynous, and gender-versatile hair as well as natural texture. He loves working runway, video and photo shoots and editorial work, and is inspired by the newest trends in everything from old-school barbering and classic glamour styling to textured bobs, flirty pixies, lived-in beachy waves, avant garde fashion looks, and edgy punk and goth styles. The ever-changing nature of hair and fashion means that nothing is off-limits or “out of style” and of course NOTHING is impossible. Passionate about education and growth, Erik is always looking for more classes and opportunities to continue learning and teaching in this constantly evolving industry. He loves getting to know his guests and working with them to find that perfect custom style and to have fun doing it. He’s a firm believer that creativity hinges on diversity, and he celebrates and draws inspiration from the different cultures, backgrounds, stories, lifestyles, and interests that make us who we are. When he’s not behind the chair at Burnt District Salon in Seattle or other pop-ups around the country, Erik is usually doing hair somewhere else – be it a video or photo shoot or a runway show – or he’s sewing, modeling, doing makeup, designing clothes and wigs, cooking, playing guitar, eating, and hanging out with his partner and kids. He’s a huge fan of live music, comedy, burlesque, drag, and any and every art form, and he loves to collaborate with other artists whenever he can squeeze in another project.